Refinish Cast Iron Plate
June 30, 2010

While the piano case is being refinished, we must prepare the remaining components for reassembly.  Today we'll look at the cast iron plate.  The refinish job from 1980 is rough and dull, and the black lettering, done with felt tip pen, is not very attractive.  The red cloth is faded and worn.  So the first step is to strip off all of the cloth, wash the plate, and sand off  the 1980 paint.

Next, any chips or scratches are filled with body putty, and the entire surface is sprayed with a white primer coat and smoothed with very fine sandpaper.

Now the gold lacquer is applied, followed by a gloss clear-coat.

Once the lacquer has cured, the black lettering is applied.  I use black sign-painter's enamel and a tiny brush.

Finally, new stringing cloth is glued on, new agraffes installed, and the newly polished duplex bars are put into position.  The plate is now completely ready to be reinstalled in the piano.