Back From The Refinisher
September 9, 2010

The piano came back from the refinisher last week.  Here it is coming out of the mover's trailer:

Once the piano is set up in the shop, the next step is to apply the final finish to the soundboard. (The refinisher was only responsible for the mahogany case.)  After carefully masking off all of the beautifully refinished mahogany, I sand the soundboard and spray several coats of gloss lacquer:

Next I do the final drilling of the pinblock.  This laminated hard maple plank holds the tuning pins.  A hole must be drilled for each of the 228 tuning pins.  Accurate location, and accurate hole size, are critical to the future tunability of the piano.

Once drilled, the pinblock can be installed into the piano.

And finally, the plate is installed.  The piano is now ready for installation of the strings and tuning pins.